Do you hesitate setting goals or resolutions because they seem just like "something else I’ll have to do?"  Do you tend to get carried away and start so many things in motion that you know you will only feel guilty when you don’t complete them all? Here are some ways to chart the course for the coming year without feeling like you are piling more on your already full plate:

  • What is something you DON’T want to do?  Think of something that tends to weigh you down, has been a huge time waster or that no longer has the importance it used to.  Set a goal to simply lessen it’s impact on your life.
  • Is there an attitude, mind-set or approach you want to adopt this year?  Some examples could be: focusing on the positive in situations, spending more time with staff development, read more books, stay in better contact with friends far away, or trying to be less reactive when plans change.   Connect with that thought regularly – like when you are planning or post it somewhere you will see it.  Don’t focus as much on the steps to make them happen – I find that those will happen naturally if it’s important to you.  Simply keeping the "eyes on the prize" can move you forward more than you may realize.
  • Pick "Just One Thing"  The new year can seem like a blank slate and we are feel momentum to conquer the world.  It’s great to have multiple goals.  But if you tend to get overwhelmed, select one to get your attention now.  Once that is accomplished, move to the next.
  • Tell someone else – in under 30 seconds – something that is important to you for the year.  This accomplishes two things.  You now have a partner in crime and someone who can help hold you accountable.  Plus, forcing yourself to keep it short – you’ll boil it down to what’s really important.

   Cindy is a Time Management Consultant and Certified Professional Organizer.  She works with individuals and business to make their work and their life more productive and purposeful.  Interested in learning more?  Visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.