Structure & Planning

This pillar deals with the forethought we apply when thinking about our days and weeks and how everything will fit and work together.  How should we construct our week so that it encompasses the roles, priorities, projects, and tasks that we need to accomplish?  Are you building in time for those things that are truly important to you?  When the Pillar of Structure & Planning is strengthened, it can have an impact on all other areas of our productivity.  To contact Cindy to discuss how you can build your skills click here and check below to see other resources and links to improve your Structure & Planning.

Weekly Planning Calls

Do you struggle to sit down and make a plan before launching into your week?  These recorded 30-minute sessions are distributed weekly and walk you through the process to effectively build a plan for the coming week. In addition to the planning steps, an additional topic is included on each call for you to build skills and improve focus.  To listen to a brief excerpt click here.

One-on-One Planning Sessions

Individualize your planning sessions through one-on-one coaching with Cindy.  Meet weekly or bi-weekly to strategize and build a plan for the coming week(s).  We walk through your calendar, incorporate goals, and prioritize your tasks.  You come away with a targeted plan to increase focus and work toward those things that matter most!  6 session coaching package $449

BLANK Weekly Planning Page

Access my free template for a weekly planning page to capture your appointments, deadlines, and tasks.  Don’t rely on memory to stay on top of all you have to do.  This is a good place to start if you currently don’t have a planning system in place.  FREE

BLANK Weekly Schedule Model

This tool helps you “map out” all the components you want your week to include.  While not all weeks are the same, having a schedule model can help you determine what to shift and move as plans change.  It can also help you be more realistic with how much time you can allot to various activities and roles.  FREE