Habits & Self-Management

SQUIRREL!  Are you often like a dog who immediately gets side-tracked at the sight of a squirrel?  Running off to see, react, and focus your attention elsewhere?  Succumbing to the “squirrels” in your day too often means tasks lists that are never completed and a feeling of frustration that you didn’t get more done.  Building good time management habits and improving your self-management can help! Cindy works with clients to address procrastination, building focus, handling interruptions, dealing with distractions, and more.  Click here to schedule a consultation and see below for other resources and links.

Weekly Planning Calls

One of the best tools to combat distractions and lack of focus is having a detailed PLAN!  These recorded 30-minute sessions are distributed weekly and walk you through the process to effectively build a plan for the coming week. In addition to the planning steps, an additional topic is included on each call for you to build skills and improve focus.  To listen to a brief excerpt click here.


Increase your Focus!  Set the TimeTimer and track the passage of time visibly.  Available as a standalone timer or app.  Click the icon for more info