Moving into a new year seems to beg for new intentions, new goals, and new projects.  It’s a time for thinking long-range and big picture.  The only problem can be knowing what to do next after you’ve announced your plan for the new year.  Just how DO you ensure that you’ll actually reach your goal this time?  Here are a few tips to move from  “DREAM” to “DONE”:

  • Know WHY you want to do it.  Is this something you’ve talked for years of accomplishing?  Is it still important today?  Or, do you feel you SHOULD do it?  If it’s not tied directly to what’s important to YOU, don’t continue.
  • Write it Down and Tell Someone Else.  This gives validity to your intentions and can help you stay accountable to yourself.
  • Make it SPECIFIC.  Really define what it is you want to do.  Being too vague or too general can make the task seem too daunting.  Plus, how will you know you really accomplished what you set out to do?  Instead of “Improve marketing efforts for my business”, try “Increase social media posts to 2x per day, engage a consultant to determine best marketing options for my target market, or expand marketing by _______”.  A goal to “Spend more time with family” could be further defined as “spend 2 holidays with extended family, coordinate a summer vacation with kids/grandkids, or dinner out with the whole family at least 1x per week”.
  • Keep the goal active.  Goals often fade out due to lack of attention – not intention.  Make sure you connect with your goal at least weekly.  Determine what you will do THIS WEEK toward that goal.  If other projects are priority this week, you can still review it and plan what your next step will be and when to take it.
  • Again, get specific!  Your calendar or task list should contain a detailed action item to accomplish or even a scheduled time you want to work on the task.  Vague entries are more apt to fall subject to procrastination.  Make them individual, defined steps…… i.e. Call travel agent to request info on cruises, purchase new pedometer to use daily, spend 20 minutes creating social media posts for the week, etc.  If someone else could look at your task and not understand WHAT is to be done, you need to make it more specific.  After all, aren’t those individual tasks above much easier to jump into than “plan vacation, walk regularly, do more social media?
  • START!!  You’ve got to take the first step…..then the next.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed at the thought of completing that huge goal.  So, try focusing on Starting the goal – – don’t worry about finishing it yet.  Just do what’s needed to get closer to the end result.
  • Re-assess.  Schedule reminders in the coming weeks or even months to check in on your own progress.  Maybe ask those people with whom you shared your goal to follow up with you about it or maybe schedule a lunch with the sole intent of providing accountability.  Always make sure the goal is still important.  Things do change and if what WAS important isn’t any longer, determine if you really want or need to continue.  Time well spent means you use your resource of time for those things of VALUE.  Be intentional with your Time!

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