This Pillar reflects how actions, roles, and routines, line up with goals and life priorities.   In other words, “Do my actions reflect what is important to me”?  Motivation is impacted by how well you connect our day-to-day activities with what’s truly important to you.  Likewise, frustration sets in when you aren’t making progress toward your goals or living your values.  Below are services and offerings that can help you address and improve in the area of Goals & Direction.  Also, check out the blog link for articles and tips to help you in this area.  If you’re not sure where to start and would like to schedule a complimentary phone consultation, click here.

1/2 Day Goal-Setting & Strategy Session

You have big things you want to accomplish!  This half-day session is a one-on-one consultation with Cindy to discuss your top priorities, goals, and projects.  We then break those down into manageable steps that you can build into your days and weeks.  Want to continue on with ongoing coaching?  Receive $50 off any ongoing phone coaching package price.  (Plus travel if outside Nashville area.)     $269

6-Session Coaching Package

This package includes 6 50-minute phone coaching sessions.  We review you assessment results to find areas for improvement that will have maximum payoff.  Goals are reviewed along with techniques to incorporate action steps into your weekly plan.  Additional sessions can be purchased for ongoing accountability and support.   $449

Weekly Planning Calls

A great and economical option to get you planning regularly and building in steps to achieve those goals. These recorded 30-minute sessions are distributed weekly and walk you through the process to effectively build a plan for the coming week. In addition to the planning steps, an additional topic is included on each call for you to build skills and improve focus.  To listen to a brief excerpt click here3-month subscription $49.95

 Goal-Setting Retreats

Retreats offer a chance to get away from the day-to-day routine and environment while thinking strategically about the coming months or year.  Cindy works with individuals and groups to structure a time and space that fosters creativity and ingenuity and drills down to “next steps” so goals stay front and center.  Retreats are available for one or multiple days as well as on-site or at a meeting location of your choice.


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BLANK Goal Setting worksheet

Here’s a simple worksheet for identifying a goal or project and breaking down all the steps involved.  FREE