Weekly Schedule Model:  This tool helps you “map out” all the components you want your week to include.  While not all weeks are the same, having a schedule model can help you determine what to shift and move as plans change.  It can also help you be more realistic with how much time you can allot to various activities and roles.  Download here
Weekly Planning Page:  Access my free template for a weekly planning page to capture your appointments, deadlines, and tasks.  Don’t rely on memory to stay on top of all you have to do.  This is a good place to start if you currently don’t have a planning system in place.  Download here
Time Traps Worksheet:  Utilize this worksheet to identify items that “steal” your time throughout the day and see what it’s really costing you!  Download here


Time Timer®:  Time Timer® is an innovative visual timer designed to “show” the passage of time through the use of a patented red disk that disappears as time elapses.  Available as an app for phone / desktop OR a stand alone timer.  Learn More