Time Awareness

How well do you track where you are in your day?  Can you accurately gauge how long tasks will take or how much time you need to arrive on time to meetings or appointments?  The best laid plan can be undermined when we struggle to stay “aware” of time and how to allot it appropriately.  Here are a few resources to help.  To discuss a tailored plan just for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Cindy by clicking here.


The TimeTimer makes time “visible” by showing time remaining in red.  Click the icon above to see all the options available.

Time Traps – What Are They Costing You?

Utilize this worksheet to identify items that “steal: your time throughout the day.  Beside each, note how many minutes you could gain each day if you could better manage that item.  Use your info to calculate just how much that is costing you each week or year.  This can be a great tool to help you decide what to work on improving first!

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Meet weekly or bi-weekly to strategize and build a plan for the coming week(s) and incorporate techniques to improve Time Awareness.  We walk through your calendar, incorporate goals, prioritize your tasks, and increase skills so you can better gauge your time.  You come away with a targeted plan to create more realistic task lists, increase focus and work toward those things that matter most!  6 session coaching package $449