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Introducing the 6 Pillar Time Management Assessment

Balancing many roles, projects, and responsibilities has become the new norm.  The 6 Pillars of Effective Time Management, developed by Cindy B Sullivan, identifies the areas that work together to keep you at your maximum efficiency.  Take the 6 Pillars Assessment today to identify your strengths and weaknesses. so you can GET STARTED and hone in on improvements that will show BIG RESULTS!

Interested in learning more about the 6 Pillars?  Enroll in the 6 Pillars introductory class here and look below for services and resources to help you ramp up your productivity and Organize the Time of Your Life!




Identify and achieve your goals!


Build skills to accurately gauge your time


Plan and structure your time most efficiently


Identify tools and techniques to maximize your productivity


Increase focus, limit distractions, and stay on target


Storage, Workspace, and Design that works well for YOU!


I’ve set my goal – – – now what?!?

Moving into a new year seems to beg for new intentions, new goals, and new projects.  It's a time for thinking long-range and big picture.  The only problem can be knowing what to do next after you've announced your plan for the new year.  Just how DO...
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Don’t let your “Smartphone” steal your “Smart”

There is no question that smartphones have changed the way we communicate, work, and even live.  They add a level of ease and accessibility - allowing us to connect with others in a multitude of ways and provide tools and apps to ease the way we work and even...
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Do you hesitate setting goals or resolutions because they seem just like "something else I'll have to do?"  Do you tend to get carried away and start so many things in motion that you know you will only feel guilty when you don't complete them all? Here...
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Improve your “Time Awareness” – Part 2

An awareness of the passage of time – and where you are in it  Like the knowledge of truly understanding how long activities require (see my last blog post), it’s vital that you can place “where you are” in your day in order to stay on...
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Improve your “Time Awareness”

An often overlooked component of Time Management is the skill to be truly “aware” of time.  It can crop up in two different ways.  The first is having an awareness of how long tasks actually require.  The second is having an awareness of the...
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Exams give us teachable moments on “Time Management”

Exam time is around the corner for many students.  If you are a parent or someone who is close to or works with students, it's a great time to interject a little "time management" training without them even knowing it!  If you are a student...
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Top Traits of “Timely” People

Do you struggle with missed deadlines, forgotten appointments, and being chronically late for appointments and meetings?    While no one is immune from this happening from time to time, there are some common traits I see in people who regularly and...
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Rethinking “Balance”

I'm a Libra - so perhaps it's natural that "balance" is something I yearn for. I hear a lot about it from clients as well.  We are searching for a way to fit in all the roles and responsibilities we have and still maintain balance in our lives. ...
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4 Ways Your Environment Impacts Your Productivity

Today I'm spending my first "work day" outside!  Woo Hoo!!  Perched on the deck with laptop "atop my lap", I'm thinking this is how I'd like to spend all my work hours.  It also got me thinking about what a difference my surroundings...
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Habits – don’t let them become a “junk drawer”

The more I work with clients on their time management, the more curious I have become about Habits.  How do habits work?  What exactly IS a habit?  Why are bad ones so difficult to overcome? And, why is it so easy to let them "take over" and...
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