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Master Your Priorities & Get More Done Using the Planning 360® Method

5/22/2024 7:30 AM

Class times shown are CST.

FREE webinar

The gateway to becoming more proactive and less reactive is through planning.

Join me for this session where I'll introduce you to a tried-and-true system to amp up your planning game!  


  • How to invest 30 minutes planning and gain hours each week
  • How to create a strategy for where to spend your time
  • Techniques to stop those deadlines from sneaking up on you



Unlocking Productivity - The Top 10 Overlooked Strategies You Need to Know

6/6/2024 8:00 AM

Class times shown are CST.


FREE webinar


Are you working too hard managing it all? Balancing work, family, appointments, projects, and on and on?


The good news is, I've gained a lot of insight in my 20+ years of working with clients to improve their time management and productivity. Now, I'd love to share it with you in my upcoming FREE 1-hour, info-packed webinar.


Learn strategies that often get disregarded because - quite frankly, they seem too simple. A few topics we'll discuss are:

  • Steps to tame the email beast
  • Reclaiming the "prime real estate" of your space and your day
  • Techniques to move your planning from short-sighted to strategic

Register today and invite your colleagues and staff!