cbSullivan Consulting, LLC

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & consulting services give individuals and groups the opportunity to dive deeply into a look at the skills and habits that impact productivity.  While coaching and consulting use different methodologies, Cindy uses a blend of these two based on the needs of her clients.  Consulting serves to provide advice and leadership while coaching is more about support and partnership.  At different phases of the process, each can serve to provide clients guidance while allowing an individual to create and employ their own "best solutions".  Cindy works with individuals as well as work groups and teams.  Additionally, she partners with other coaches, productivity consultants, and HR departments to help them address productivity issues with their own clients and employees.



Partnering to identify your individualized needs and collaborating on a targeted plan to improve is what one-on-one work allows.  This takes place over time, allowing us to learn together and build skills.  Having good Time Management isn't a destination - it is an ongoing activity.  Clients have called this "having an accountability partner", an "anchor" to stay grounded in the process, and even as having a productivity "guru" or "life coach". 


Teams & Groups

Organizations and groups can have their own challenges with productivity.  You have multiple individuals with their own skills forming a larger "whole" where people need to interact and work together efficiently.  Assessing where skills gap lie can also be difficult.  Cindy has worked with groups to review the skills level of both individuals AND the team overall.  Likewise, solutions can be at the individual or team level as well.  Having a viewpoint from outside the organization can provide critical insight and is often more effective at implementing solutions and monitoring progress. 


Coaches, Productivity Consultants, and HR Departments

Cindy consults with other professionals to collaborate on unique time management and productivity challenges you face with your clients and employees.  Learn to utilize the 6 Pillars assessment with your clients and receive ongoing support and consultation which can be used by you OR your clients and employees.  Contact Cindy at the link below to learn more.