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The 6 Pillars Of Effective Time Management

Get a snapshot of your productivity in each of the 6 Pillars. 

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Cindy developed the 6 Pillars based on her work in the area of Time Management since 2001.  Each pillar has it's own unique set of skills yet they all work together to help support productivity.  Take the 6 Pillars Assessment to find your results and then check below or on the Events tab to find information, resources, and upcoming training that can help you strengthen your skills and see BIG RESULTS in your productivity and efficiency!



Goals & Direction

Do your actions, roles, and routines currently line up with your life priorities?  Would you like to feel more satisfaction and knowledge that your day-to-day activities reflect what's important to you?  Working to strengthen the Pillar of Long-Range Goals  can move those goals from "someday"  into reality - all while increasing... Read More

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Structure & Planning

The Planning Pillar is all about being intentional with your use of time.  Are you building in time for - and doing - the right things?  Are you organizing your activities in a way that they happen efficiently?  Activities in this pillar also move to connect your goals to your day-to-day activities. Cindy works with clients to help them "Plan... Read More

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Leverage - Habits & Self Management

The skills in the area of Leverage deal with your ability to monitor and control your own actions and attention.  Do you struggle to stay on task?  Is it hard to manage distractions and interruptions? Society and technology are often at odds with us here as we have information and communications coming at us in a constant stream.  ... Read More

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Internal Time Clock

Skills in the "Internal Time Clock" pillar have to do with the ability to accurately gauge the time needed for tasks and stay in tune with where you are, time-wise, in your day.  Do you tend to lose track of time?  Do you have a good sense for how long your regular activities actually take so you can plan appropriately?  Does your plan for... Read More

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Resources, Systems, & Prompts

The Resources Pillar addresses the tools & systems that help you manage tasks, your calendar, and reminders.  In short, it's the skill area that helps keep you on track!  If you rely on memory alone to know what has to be done, are inefficient with using systems or routines, or don't have any single place to capture all that has to get... Read More

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The Arrangement Pillar addresses setting up effective areas so you maximize your prime real estate and can find what you need - when you need it.  Disorganization and clutter can really take a blow at productivity.  Do you lose time looking for things you know you have - somewhere? Do you get distracted from the work at hand by all of the other... Read More

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