Coaching & Consulting

Through individual coaching, group classes, or hands-on organizing sessions, Cindy will work with you to identify and tackle your Time Management  challenges.  Common topics often include:

Getting It All Done

Each day we are all gifted tCB Sullivan Consultinghe same number of hours, yet how do some people manage to get so much more done than others?

Learning to structure your day in new ways can help improve how you work – it’s the idea of working smarter, not harder.

We start with analyzing how you work now to determine your preferences, habits, issues, and strengths.  Then, by applying tips and techniques for improved efficiency, you can build habits and routines that help you focus and get it all done.

Picking the Right Planning System

Successful people don’t get that way by simply addressing issues as they arise throughout the day.  They have a plan – and so can you.  This starts with finding a time management planning system that can support you.

But, just as a professional athlete or musician utilizes the best equipment or instrument; you need to find a planning system that’s tailored to YOU.

Learn the elements that all planning systems should have and discuss options that will work for you, your work, and your lifestyle.

Setting & Achieving Goals

CB Sullivan ConsultingAll of us have goals – whether it’s a professional or personal achievement we’re reaching for or something we want to try or do just once in our lifetime.

Yet, when many of us look at our to-do lists and weekly tasks, we don’t find any reminders or steps that are taking us in the direction to make them a reality.  Identifying your goals and putting them in motion gives a sense of excitement and purpose to our lives.

We’ll work with you to clarify those goals, determine how to move forward, set timeframes, and show you how to implement those steps into your daily/weekly schedule.

Balancing It All

Today’s lifestyle is one with many choices and opportunities.  We have technology which can put us in communication with anyone at anytime, we’re mobile and constantly on the go, there are opportunities to participate in organizations, clubs, and sports; even our children have schedules packed with events and activities.

Together, we’ll evaluate all you do and define the type of balance and lifestyle you’d like to achieve.  You’ll learn to keep your focus on your top priorities and make decisions about those things that no longer add value or have simply become a “habit”.  Having balance between all of our roles and responsibilities is not only an end result.  It is the process of keeping our priorities first.

Contact Cindy to discuss your time management needs.  Consulting, coaching, and training options are available for individuals as well as groups.  Let us work with you to improve your efficiency, lower your stress, and get more done.

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