This month my focus is on Goals & Direction.  It only seems natural at this time of year, with the many New Year Resolutions and start of a new calendar year.  Admittedly I planned it that way just for that reason.  Then as I was packing away all of our holiday decorations I had a new thought. As much as I love the bustle and activity of the holiday season, I also love the slower pace right after the new year.

My physical surroundings even reflected that shift. As the tree came down, wreaths were packed away, holiday decorations were removed from tables, walls, and shelves, I loved the open space and how it made me feel.  I didn’t want to simply fill the space back up, I wanted to leave things open and uncluttered. Likewise, I decided the tale end of the holiday break would be a good time to finally take on my own organizational project and replace my lone (inadequate) bookcase in my office with a wall of shelving that could accommodate my growing books and files.  One day of assembling IKEA shelving and some time spent putting things in their new homes and I had a much more open space with room to grow. (see picture above) It feels wonderful!  I just work “differently” when my surroundings are more open.

So, let me relate this back to TIME.  By moving into a time of year when there is less “busy-ness”, I have the open space needed to think strategically, decide what is most important to me for the coming year, and make a plan that will help me be purposeful with my gift of time in 2018.  I encourage you also to use this time to do some strategic thinking and goal setting!  Those open spaces (whether in time or in your surroundings) can be the perfect backdrop for looking long-term and setting a course for an awesome year!

Cindy B Sullivan is a Time Management & Productivity Consultant and Certified Professional Organizer.  Providing coaching, consulting, and training, Cindy enjoys helping clients “Organize the Time Of Their Life”.  Want to assess your own time management skills?  Take the 6 Pillars assessment here and follow Cindy on Facebook at cbSullivan Consulting & Organizing