Office & Workspace

An Organized Workspace
Having a well organized desk and office increases your ability to get the job done in less time.  Maximize the space you have by creating systems and files that work for you.  We’ll create a desktop or workspace that gives you room to work yet keeps frequently used items and info at your fingertips.  Learn methods for handling your “in-box”, sorting paperwork, and keeping track of tasks.

Inbox, Paper and Files
Effectively managing your workflow and documents makes finding what you need-  when you need it-  a snap.  Learn techniques for tackling that mountain in your inbox as well as setting up document management systems that are tailored to your needs and work style. We not only work on your action items but also establish a process to keep your filing up to date and make periodic archiving or purging of files more streamlined.

Make the Most of Your Time
Our days are filled with things we need to get done, places we need to be, and deadlines we need to meet.  Improving your time management skills can help you address these issues — translating into higher productivity, increased satisfaction, and lower stress.

We start with analyzing how you work now to determine your preferences, habits, issues, and strengths.  Then, by applying tips and techniques for improved efficiency, you can build habits and routines that help you focus and get it all done.

Areas may include:

  • Eliminating time wasters
  • Structuring your day to increase efficiency
  • Defining your priorities and goals
  • Delegation
  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Determining the right Planning System for YOU.

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