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Strengthen These 6 Areas to See Increased Productivity!

Oct 24, 2017 | by Cindy Sullivan

Have you ever felt that despite your work to build a plan, the day slips away from you?  Or, have you taken time to do some goal-setting all to come to year's end and realize that you didn't make any progress on them?  Do you know WHAT you want to be doing but just can't seem to figure out HOW to fit in all you have to do and actually stay focused?
There are many components that help support good Time Management skills.  You can be strong in one area but if there are weaknesses in others, our best laid efforts can still come up short.  Consider the "6 Pillars" of Effective Time Management below.  To find out your 6 Pillars score, take my assessment here.
GOALS & DIRECTION:  Have you really put thought behind what is important to you?  Have you moved beyond having "Dreams" to really identifying goals?  Then, you need to figure out just how to get them accomplished! If your day-to-day isn't tied to your own values, lack of motivation and frustration can really impact your sense of accomplishment.
TIME AWARENESS:  For some, a good sense of time is a built-in gift!  For others, it doesn't come as easily.  Do you tend to lose track during the day?  Is it a struggle to accurately gauge how long tasks really take?
STRUCTURE & PLANNING:  Have you ever tried to pack for vacation by simply throwing random items into your suitcase and then having to force the zipper shut?  Well, without good structure to your time and investing time to plan which activities are of the most value, you're basically doing the same thing with your time.  Could you benefit from building structure into your weeks and being more proactive with planning?
HABITS & SELF-MANAGEMENT:  The good news is - you can really only control YOURSELF.  So why is it so hard to sometimes keep ourselves in check?  Would an increased ability to focus help you get more done?  Could skills to lessen procrastination, be a better at delegating, and limit time spent on time traps have a big impact?
SYSTEMS & PROMPTS:  Do you have the right tools to help you with all you need to do?  Can you use them effectively?
ORGANIZATION:  Does clutter or lack of organization hinder your productivity?  Finding what you need - when you need it, not being distracted by your physical surroundings, and having "homes" for those most-used items really proves to be the grease to a well-oiled machine.
As they say, awareness is the first step to making a change.  Take the 6 Pillars of Effective Time Management assessment here to find your score in each area.

Cindy B Sullivan is a Certified Professional Organizer and Time Management Consultant.  She helps individuals and companies improve their efficiency and productivity through individual and group coaching, consulting, training, and speaking.  Visit and follow Cindy on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In to receive tips, techniques and notices on upcoming broadcasts and offerings.