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You've Got Your Goals - Now What About the Speed Bumps?

Jan 28, 2020 | by Cindy Sullivan

Many of us have spent these first weeks in January considering goals and projects we intend to accomplish in the coming year.  There is often a lot of momentum and excitement to see those plans to fruition.  In addition to identifying those goals and determining what steps you need to make them happen, there is another question that can prove beneficial - What speed bumps might you encounter along the way?  You know, those annoying spots in the road that slow down your progress and keep you from moving at full speed?


While you are in the planning stages, ask yourself questions so you can be prepared when it feels like those goals are slowing down or something happens to put them on hold.  These issues can act as speed bumps that hinder accomplishing your goals but they need not stop you altogether.  Asking them early in the process means you may need to slow down but there will still be power to get over them.  Some things to consider:

  • How will I balance work on the new goal with existing/ongoing tasks and responsibilities?  Unless the goal will be your sole focus, you likely have your regular day-to-day work that will need to continue.  It's easy to get swept up in a new initiative but thinking strategically about how you will balance it all can help you be realistic with the pace at which you can proceed.
  • Do I have the knowledge I need?  What DON'T I know?  Will you need to take a class or get training in an area so that you can meet your goal?  Should you find a specialist or outsource a portion of the work that you are not sure how to do? 
  • Do I have the resources I need?  Every new initiative will take resources, whether financial, tools/technology, people, mental, emotional, etc.  Where do you need to gather and manage resources so you can allot the time and energy to your goal(s)?
  • Where do I need buy in or possibly approval to move forward?  Look around you to determine who else needs to be on board with your direction and focus.  If others have the ability to stop or slow your progress, it's best to address it sooner rather than later.
  • What scares me about this?  Fear often lurks where we don't expect it and impedes our actions without us really understanding why we didn't act on our intentions.  Really reflect and see there is something that strikes a chord here.  If you launch that big marketing campaign - can you handle an influx of clients?  Do you have doubt about your ability to actually do this?  Will accomplishing the goal mean things will change - and are you ready for that?  Might accomplishing your goal open up new options which you aren't sure about? 

These questions can give you food for thought but you may think of others.  The important thing is to broaden your plans around your goals and projects to include thoughts on how to progress over the speed bumps.  Many goals and projects have ended when people view these speed bumps as chasms.  You need not have all the answers - but having thought them through may help you distinguish the un-crossable  gap from that which just slows you down

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